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  1. F900BT FULL EW BACKUP !!!

    Tried this and the system now boots but "system startup in progress" stays on screen and I can't access any of the map features. Any ideas? I'm using a mac if that makes any difference?
  2. System startup in progress Please wait.

    I know this is an old post but I have this problem too. Why would using a mac make a difference?
  3. I updated my F900BT to Firmware 3.0 with the new maps in June last year and have had no problems since. While driving the other day the system rebooted and popped up a windows error box saying something along the lines of "the database could not be accessed". This is not 100% as I was driving and the text was very small. Now the system will not boot past the pioneer splash screen. The unit also seems to have reset the button backlight colour to blue for some reason. Any idea what I need to do to get the system working again?
  4. F900BT Reboot Loop even during test mode

    Just a quick update. I discovered the problem with my unit was a fualty canbus interface. I've removed it and put in a switched ignition and all is working fine. Upgraded to 3.0 at the same time as well
  5. F900BT Reboot Loop even during test mode

    QUICK UPDATE: Well I got 5 mins down the road and then the unit started to reboot again. I then tried going into service mode (blue screen) and got reboots in that. I don't know whether this makes any difference but when the unit reboots sometimes it stays off for quite some time. No illumnation is present and the screen is blank. In addition when I finally get the unit to boot the touch screen is dead and I get a load of static through the speakers. I'm getting to my wits end with this thing!!
  6. F900BT Reboot Loop even during test mode

    Well I tried following the button press method and managed to get to the blue service screen. I did a memory test and all seemed fine there. In addition the unit didn't turn off at any point. However, I couldn't find a way to access testmode on the SD card from there. I reset the unit with the SD card in and repeated the gpspara deletion method i'd tried before. I went back into the data folder and noticed gpspara2 had reappeared and so deleted it again. I then rebooted and so far all seems fine. My system has lost it's audio and radio settings (as expected) and I didn't experience a reboot. Will take it out for a drive later on and see what's what.
  7. F900BT Reboot Loop even during test mode

    I have never used the combination of buttons etc to enter testmode. All I have done is stick the SD with the testmode data in the SD slot and waited for it to boot into Windows CE. This works fine but then the unit randomly resets. I'm worried about doing much in the way of software upgrades incase it resets mid upgrade and bricks the thing!
  8. I bought a second hand unit a while back and all has worked well up until now. The only mods I have done are including a route delete and a mute button. The unit has started to reboot every so often. Sometimes it will not boot at all, sometimes it works for 5 minutes, sometimes and hour. I've tried entereing testmode and deleting the corrupt files but this has made no difference. In addition the unit also reboots in test mode. Am I correct in thinking this indicates a hardware fault? Corrupt files would only cause the unit to crash when it was accessing the Pioneer software would it not? Any idea where to go from here? Will I have to send it to a repair centre?