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  1. So here is what I did. My n1 was repaired recently and the guy who replaced the flip out mechanism updated my maps as well. When I got it back I realized that I could no longer use nave while driving. The bypass for the n1 was to simply ground the parking brake wire. I searched the forums here and found a way to revert back to my old original maps, but when I was in the system menu I think I accidentally deleted some files that were necessary to start up the navigation. The radio and cd work fine but when I go to the map to show where I am, all I get is a blue screen. no nav features are available. the compass, the street, city , and state and all the land is gone. Just a blue screen. Is there any way to retrieve the files that were accidentally deleted? Any help would be appreciated
  2. avic N1 with an N3 screen

    I just got my N1 back from being repaired. The unit had just the screen replaced (it is now an N3 screen) and the maps were also updated. Now I am locked out after I reach 5mph I have not found any info on a bypass for it. There are no contacts to solder or a switch on the bottom side, since this is an N1 circuit board. I know I am not the only person who has had the screen replaced so if anyone out there who has done this can help, it would be much appreciated.