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  1. Hi All. i have the AVIC D2 I have the right map DVD in the drive, but it always shows me I think in Manhattan. It's been this way for about 2 weeks and will not correct itself. I have the GPS receiver hooked up, and I know it works because the clock is right. I have the green wire to the ground and that's it - maybe I need to do another wire bypass? If anyone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it - I bought this thing 2 weeks ago from someone mainly for the GPS and also since it's Sirius, but found out I need the additional Sirius box for it to work.
  2. Hi all, Lastnight I wiped out my S1 through the service menu and I am just wondering if someone could send me a link, or all of the files that I need to get it back to factory, and perhaps whatever the newest updates/maps would be. I have the original CD and cable that came with it - would that put it back to factory? I was able to reinstall winceimg.bin and winceimg.cks via the SD card through the service menu and it went on fine, but then when it told me to reboot, a window popped up saying I needed mnavdce.exe. I'm not sure where to get that file, or how to put it on. If you guys think I should just do a different map program instead of the Pioneer program, let me know how to do that. Thanks!
  3. AVIC-D2 New User - Screen Help & Does it play DVD's

    Ok well now that we got the DVD question cleared up, can we talk about how to do the bypass? Haha. I'm just confused about the wire you have to put through the harness - not the green.
  4. AVIC-D2 New User - Screen Help & Does it play DVD's

    Thanks for the reply. I did not bypass yet. To bypass I understand I have to take the green wire and ground to metal but do I also have to put another wire into a hole in the harness and ground? The Crutchfield site says its not a dvd player. I'm confused about that.
  5. Hi, I just picked up the AVIC-D2 from someone and hooked it up. It did not come with the GPS antenna which I just ordered on ebay for $15 which is why I guess certain functions on the menu are dimmed out. Is there a way to set the clock, or is that GPS based? I also noticed that certain areas of the touch screen are a little hard to press. I saw that it is a common problem and see places that fix it on ebay for $75 - is that for a new screen, or is there something I can do myself to recalibrate it? It's mainly the bottom right by the "back" key. Lastly, is this unit capable of playing DVD's directly? I don't mean by hooking up an external dvd player - I mean by putting the DVD into the DVD ROM slot. I am thinking there may be some kind of mod for that to work - if not, I guess just copying WMA files onto a DVD and playing that way would work? Any help would be greatly appreciated!