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  1. wire clarification

    i would like to clarify a few connections from a cheapo xovision touch screen into a 97 maxima. i have already the metra harness and the antenna adapter. is the radio pink wire "lamp in" from the picture below suppose to connect to the illumination wire harness "Red/Blue" or the dimmer wire "Red/Orange" or none. leave the pink wire alone? from the xovision head unit, there are 2 ground black wires on this radio. the braking brake brown wire needs a ground connection and i think reverse gear orange wire needs a ground connection as well. can i connect all 4 wires together into one large wire and connect onto a bolt or nut behind the radio or connect to the radio black wire for ground? does it work to connect an ebay cheapo license plate camera to a tail light power source or is it better to connect the Switched 12V+ Blue/Black. i want to avoid reverse light because it turns on only when the car is in reverse. many forums are not able to answer these questions. it makes me think these wires very challenging. thanks. pink wire: http://i384.photobucket.com/albums/oo28 ... inwire.jpg 1995-97 Nissan Maxima Stereo Wiring Constant 12V+ Pink/Blue Switched 12V+ Blue/Black Ground Vehicle Chassis Illumination Red/Blue Dimmer Red/Orange Antenna Trigger Black/Red Antenna Right Rear Front Speakers 6 1/2" Doors Left Front (+) Blue/White Left Front (-) Blue/Yellow Right Front (+) Brown Right Front (-) Brown/White Rear Speakers 6 1/2" Rear Deck Left Rear (+) Red Left Rear (-) Green Right Rear (+) Blue Right Rear (-) Pink