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  1. iPhone 4S and SIRI

    I just hold the 4s home button down and Siri comes over my car speakers. I use my bluetooth mic to give Siri my command and the system starts to make the call. That's when I run into the issue....
  2. avic z2 dvd prob

    Check to make sure it is not a blu-ray disc. The Z2 will only play regular dvds.
  3. Okay....I played with this some more, and I found that Siri will work at times. It is very infrequent, but she can transfer from taking the call command to actually placing the call at times. Each time the 4s transitions from Siri to the phone call screen, the "phone call was disconnected" message appears on the Z2. I'm not sure if it happens to transition faster at times, but there are instances where the Z2 is capable of making a voice call with Siri.
  4. I purchased a new iPhone 4s and paired it with my Z2 seamlessly. I can pull up the new Siri function, and can interact with her over the car's speakers just fine. The issue comes when I ask her to place a voice call. As the iPhone transitions from the Siri funtion to the actual voice call (Siri screen transitions to the traditional phone call screen), the radio volume comes back on and the Z2 behaves as if there is not a call in progress. The phone icon in the Z2's upper right hand corner actually transitions back to the voice command icon as well. I have played around with this issue using two cell phones. The one that is paired (4s) and one that is not. I can place a call via Siri over the Z2. As the call is connecting or after it connects, I switched the source on my 4s from the Z2 to the "iPhone" and the call is taking place as expected (i.e. can listen and speak as expected through both phones). I can also change the source on the 4s to the speaker phone option and talk. All the while the Z2 doesn't recognize a call is taking place. The weird part is that when I switch the source back to the Z2, the voice command icon changes to the phone icon that indicates a call is taking place (red phone off the hook). The radio volume continues to play through the speakers and I cannot hear the caller and they cannot hear me. Another weird part is that as I was trying options on the Z2, I could hear the caller through the car speakers just as I would press the Z2's phone call volume up and down. The caller could also hear the Z2 making the beaping noises for each button (i.e. Z2 phone call volume up and down) as I pressed them. The radio volume would cut in and out, etc. Anyone have any suggestions of settings other tests I should try?
  5. iPhone 4S and SIRI

    I am having issues with the new 4s and Siri as well. I can make calls by using Siri, but when she starts dialing the number over my z2, the stereo comes back on and acts like a call isn't being placed. I can switch the source on my 4s back to "iphone" and talk fine. If I select the z2 source again, I nor the caller can hear anything although the call is still connected. Frustrating.