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  1. thanks, i guess i will get used to it after a while lo.
  2. so i was looking at my map on my AVIC Z120BT and when i wanted to scrolled to go to the top right it would move to the bottom left like if it was "inverted" up was down and down was up. i tried searching but looked like nobody had that problem is that how its supposed to be? my D3 was not like that. any ideas? i will try and post a video asap.
  3. This SUCKS!

    why the heck would they want that???
  4. This SUCKS!

    sorry for posting it in the other forum n00b mistake. anyway here is an update for anyone who saw the post. as of OCT, 11th the car is still at the dealership and my frustration is growing daily, it has been there for nearly 3 weeks. According to my repair manager its in its final stages but they are doing a mechanical inspection due to the fact that they had to replace my WHOLE DASH! (pics below) and because all the Service lights are on (check engine etc.) he sent me 2 pics one of my Dash and one of the harness here you go tell me what you think. LOOKS LIKE A PAIN IN THE A** http://i56.tinypic.com/28bwvb5.jpg http://i56.tinypic.com/2n6xjib.jpg
  5. This SUCKS!

    On September 23rd, I had my vehicle broken into parked right in front of my house my guess is during the early morning. Anyway I have a Maxima i had my Pioneer D3 in there and everything was stolen even my stock screen that showed me the AC they also stole 1 of my AC vents and AC control panel broke my window and i know its my fault i didnt have alarm (i learned my lesson) I talked to the insurance and obviously they are taking care of it but i wanted to share what happened it sucks, i had just burned a disk to update the NAVI! DAMN! - haha. all in all the insurance is giving me the Z120BT as a replacement and everything is getting fixed im also installing a remote start with a hidden camera inside the dash. here is 2 pics of the damage i have a lot of run-ons lol. http://img713.imageshack.us/i/dashy.jpg/ http://img831.imageshack.us/i/insidea.jpg/