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  1. Oh my... Thanks all for the kindness and to other users to cleaning up my small guide... Its been awhile since I've been here but a much welcome sight seeing that my post has helped lots of people! Thanks all! - Mix
  2. Yes.. I thought about it for at least an hour before posting it.. I figured I may as well put it out there, not for the thieves, but for the people that get screwed buying used stuff (like me...) or the poor souls that forget what they set it to. Of course that's not to say the info wont fall into the wrong hands
  3. Nah I am almost sure its clean.. The guy bought a new car and had the dealer install the deck.. When they set it up they didn't give him the password.. So, the deck is only like 1.5 months old and turns out he did not like the squarness look and went back to stock. Got it for $340.. Warranty cards and all..
  4. Mod comment: Do not follow these instructions. Installing Hackmode is dangerous and could make a bad situation much worse. Instead, use this simple method to totally remove the password: Password-Removal-Script/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster! Hopefully this post will help some people out. I just bought a used 930 off craigslist and low and behold there is a password.. I've been searching around for the past few hours trying to figure out away to
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