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  1. I know this is an old thread but just want to confirm that the VSS wire is in fact the yellow wire, pin 17, second plug down. Just installed an AVIC-X940-BT in a 2005 Toyota Highlander 3.3L, and on this particular unit as similar series models the VSS connection aids in eco fuel efficiencies, and accuracy of GPS. To gain access it’s best to remove the glovebox for proper splicing. To remove push two bushings inward at the sides and pull forward, then unscrew softclose wire behind the glovebox on the right, lastly remove two black plastic pushpins along the hinge using needle nose pliers. Glovebox comes completely out to expose the ECM. Oh yeah, if you haven’t it’s a good time to change the carbon filter that sits behind the glovebox. ; ^ )
  2. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    So I contacted Pioneer and was instructed to give the unit a reset by holding mode, and left track button on start-up. I tried the reset option first with no improvement, then was told to try clear user-settings option, where neither did not even reset the sound settings. I was told if this option did not correct things that I should most likely send it in for a flat fee, north of $100.
  3. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Thanks Ron S. So here's what it's doing... When I tried pressing the volume knob after entering a destination it gave a voice prompt for the distance to the next turn, but nothing else. I've tried resetting and going into the menu settings with no change. The in-route arrow does not follow the plotted course. Nor am I given an ETA, arrow indication on upcoming exits/turns. Also the street I'm traveling isn't indicated at the bottom.
  4. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Unfortunately I'm still without turn-by-turn functions and street indicators for this unit. However all radio, blue-tooth, I-device connections, phone, etc. work properly, it's just simply problematic in the GPS/map functions. Would like to get this unit working properly as I have upcoming travels. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Got the Testmode going, entered User option to find PRG0 and PRG1, didn't see a /USER/PRG.FLG file so where do I go from here?
  6. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Thanks for your help RonS... Finally had a little time to get back to this but unfortunately I haven't been able to get into Testmode to access those files, using hold on home, then previous, forward, previous, forward, previous, forward. As of now if I input a destination it will briefly indicate an eta, as well as green route outline, but no short-distance indicator screen, or voice directives. Coincidentally I've since installed an X920-BT in another vehicle that works perfectly so now I'm even more stumped!
  7. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Ok, so would it be correct to point to the firmware being the issue? And if so how do I go back to older/default versions?
  8. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Settings are all correct... Voice, volume, regional, still nothing until end of route. Yes it would re-route as designed once I deviated from the calculated path. Honestly (sheepishly)I didn't know the 6.0 was available at the time I picked up the 5.0 : ^ (
  9. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Tried battery disconnect but still no voice navigation or map re-routing when off course.
  10. X930-BT Turn By Turn Navigation Commands Not Working

    Will give it a try and report back.
  11. So I updated the unit to 5.00 and now the unit doesn't give turn by turn voice navigation commands. Map shows direction but if I go of course it doesn't re-route, and when I get to my destination I finally get a command saying "You have arrived at your destination". Tried resetting with "mode" and "reverse track" button press but still no go.
  12. Hi, Not sure what the EU in your title is for, but I have the backup for this.
  13. Once my destination is entered my maps roams and changes streets when at a standstill. This doesn't happen as much so on expressways but especially so in downtown areas. Anyone have an idea of whats the problem?
  14. Wireless Backup Camera Installed......GREAT!

    Sounds great! What model is it that you used?
  15. Need x910bt backup files

    I know it's been a while since this post but if you still have the 3.1 software for the X910BT I could surely use it. My unit restarts when connected to I-phone bluetooth, and need the maps for the three units that I have.