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  1. While the bluetooth will work every once in a while, only the "calls" come thru when it does work. The audio streaming doesnt. My phone will say that it is only connected to calls and not audio. i have messed with every setting on the phone and receiver. Problem is, the Pandora, Aha, etc. apps are nowhere to be found on the headunit. When I installed 2012, I had Pandora, Aha, MusicSphere, etc. Now none of those are anywhere as options. That's the whole reason I'm desperately trying to get 2017 updates reloaded. no bluetooth audio from phone and no pandora app available leaves me with zero music streaming options.
  2. Is there anyway to remove the "Easy Method Shortfuse Hack" that was originally installed? I fear it has affected my ability to "redo" the update somehow. Would buying the "official" update from Pioneer magically fix things for me or have I tinkered with it and "on my own" basically? Sorry for all the questions but unfortunately my knowledge of this only extends to being able to follow directions as instructed. Troubleshooting and problem solving requires me to hope for the help of the better informed here.
  3. Posted November 29, 2017 OK, I didn't realize you'd installed the 2012 update. That's why no PRG.FLG file. The unit has two sets of files under USER. PRG0 and PRG1. Initially they are identical copies and PRG0 is the "active" one. Each successive map/app update alternates between the two directories. So 2012 overwrote PRG1. And 2017 overwrote PRG0. The way the boot loader knows which one is "active" is by the absence (PRG0) or presence (PRG1) of PRG.FLG. Initially PRG.FLG didn't exist, so PRG0 was "active". When you installed 2012, PRG1 became "active" and the installationer created PRG.FLG. Then you installed 2017, which overwrote PRG0 and deleted PRG.FLG. PRG.FLG is just an empty file. So you might try making a file on your computer and copying it to /USER. It is worth a try, and if it doesn't help, it can easily be undone. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above is the last time I had posted. I mistakenly created a new account as I couldnt remember the previous one. RonS was attemting to help me, but sadly, life got in the way and the fix was never completed. As far as "creating" a PRG.FLG file, I'm a bit lost. I can create a text document and name it PRG.FLG if thats what you're saying here. Otherwise, please instruct me on what to do. It's been over a month since I reached out to the community, and havent heard anything. I hope this forum hasnt died as it would be missed greatly by those that need it. Thanks, JaxBadDad a.k.a. synapse911 : )
  4. It's been quite some time since I posted anything here, but I'm in need of a "refresher" course on updating my Z120bt. I was originally successful updating maps and firmware with the 2012 version, but when I attempted the 2017 last year, I ran into some issues. Had I tried to continue troubleshooting, I probably wouldn't have forgotten the process. RonS was very helpful in getting me back to a functional unit, but it continues to be less than ideal. Bluetooth for calls is generally good, but it refuses to connect to BT audio 99% of the time. I have deleted profiles and restarted from scratch many times and rarely if ever does it work. The few times I did get it to work required toggling BT audio profile on/off on my phone options, but now that won't even work. Pandora, Aha, etc. are also not available on screen. If I was able to get BT audio to work correctly, I wouldnt care about the built in apps at all. I'm sure someone has asked this before, but is there any way at all to just revert back to original firmware/maps? My guess is no, so my follow-up question is simply whether anyone has a step-by-step they are willing to offer me to get me to a more usable state. Currently, my HD radio, CD/DVD player, SD slot, and navigation are all working properly. I will gladly offer any info needed regarding versions, etc. I've just been so busy with life to address all this till now. Thanks everyone!
  5. Z120bt upgrade loop...

    Is there no one on this forum who has had trouble with an update on a Z120BT that is willing to lend a hand? I'd gladly pay for the upgrade if I thought it would be the answer to my problems, but I'd love some feedback from some of you more experienced contributors.
  6. Z120bt upgrade loop...

    Windows 7 Laptop. I should also note that the update process started and was going fine for about 5 mins. Before it threw up an error for incorrect Sd card. Every other cardinfo file simply stated incorrect sd card from the start.
  7. Z120bt upgrade loop...

    Here's some pics of where I'm at.
  8. I promise I have read nearly every post I can on here before asking a question that has been beaten into the ground, but I've hit a wall. I have a z120bt that was successfully updated/upgraded to the CNSD-210 or whatever that I completed last year. I saw there was a newer update (CNSD-310) and since the last one was so smooth, I felt confident I could accomplish this as well. I tried pionara's supereasymethod but during the update process got a "wrong sd card" error. I continued to try and search for a solution but have tried nearly everything to get it out of this never ending loop. I can't seem to enter TestMode or whatever that is and the only thing that said something besides "wrong SD card" is the renewalIFLib auto replacer thing that just continued to say it was rebooting in 5 sec. or something. Did I completely screw up my HU or am I just missing some detail and am too much of a noob to understand? I was hoping pioneer had the original software available for download so I could start over, but I couldn't find it. Please help! My wife will never forgive me if I don't get this fixed soon! Many Thanks!
  9. X920BT dual zone work around......

    Thanks for the reply! Wish it was better news though!
  10. X920BT dual zone work around......

    Can anyone here enlighten me as to whether there is some workaround to allow my X920BT to play my radio stations thru the speakers while others are able to watch a DVD from my headrest monitors (with wireless headphones of course). I understand that this model doesn't have dual zone capabilities, but there must be some solution to my dilemma aside from returning it for the Z120BT. Thanks!