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  1. hello does anyone who has the CNSD-130FM sd update to the avic 310bt unit can inform me if Madeira Island in Portugal maps are available ? thanks
  2. F310BT Questions

    Hello there, i bought a car that came whit the pioneer aivc f310bt, i will only get the car on tuesday, but meanwhile i already got the front screen and instructions of the radio. i have been reading and found this forum have some questions about the radio! 1-can i use the original ipod/iphone cable to connect to the radio? will i have all options on screen including album art? 2- will an iphone 4 works good whit radio BT will it charge? seen a couple of videos whit iphone 3gs but none whit iphone 4! 3- the most important question, i have read that you could update maps and other aplications by buying an SD card provided by pioneer (CNSD-130FM update) for map updates and other apps and improvments from theF320BT unit including the clock screen and other stuff and my questions are, how much this SD card costs? can i get the clock from F320BT somewhere whitout buying the SD card from pioneer? 4-i try to connect to the navgate feeds aplications tab but he keeps asking for a SD card, can this be a regular empty SD card? thanks a lot for the information you can give me