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  1. avic-n1 lock out Need Help

    I have a Avic-n1 with a couple problems that I need help with. I want to display the picture on my screen from my Zune while driving and also search for addresses while driving. I grounded the parking brake wire and then it worked fine until I upgraded the maps. Now I get a error message saying parking brake connection incorrect and also the annoying message saying that you are not allowed to watch videos while driving. I put a toggle switch in the vss wire to open the circuit and then tested it on the road. It seemed to work fine for about a mile then back to the same issue. I think the gps antenna is picking up motion. Now what? please help The other issue I have is the touch screen is off. I have to use my finger nail on the far left side of the stored address screen to scroll down to see the addresses down farther. If I don't, it pushes the saved address buttons in which is very annoying. I replaced the touch screen with a used unit. It worked for about a month then went back the the same thing. Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP.