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  1. faceplate interchangeable?

    maybe this information will be helpful! i have n4 and year ago my kid scratched faceplate, call pioneer with question if n5 faceplate fits my unit, answer was NO. i bought it anyway because it was so cheap on ebay ($60) and it fits and works perfect.
  2. avic-n4 tv tuner?

    ha everybody i have pioneer avic-n4 in my car with all the options, now i wanted to install tv tuner GEX-P7000tv i got the unit and it has ip-bus which i can connect to my system, but it also has other cable (RGB cable) which i have no idea where to connect... will it work just wuth ip-bus? can anybody give me any advice how to make this unit work with my head unit? thank you. Alex
  3. pioneer avic-n4 carputer

  4. pioneer avic-n4 carputer

    hi everybody i have pioneer avic-n4 installed in my bmw now im installing carputer Mini ITX Carputer Intel D510MO. i dont want to put another monitor in the car is there any way to connect mini ITX carputer to pioneer unit to use avic tft display as VGA monitor for computer? hope there is solution. Alex