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    Hello Everyone. I have had my D3 for 2 months and have had a few issues with what i believe is the bypass. I installed a rearview camera to the rca connection and attached the reverse sensor wire to my wire for reverse light so when i put the ignition in reverse it would pop up everytime. One major problem, I could not use all my navigation options (greyed out) once i did this. I could go to recent destinations and see the map. I could not search or see nearby gas stations etc. So i cut the wire for the reverse sensing and now I have my navigation back which works great (actually ordering 2009 discs today too). But every time I start my truck I get the back up camera and if I put it in reverse it snaps to it but if i choose map or radio I cannot use my rearview camera until I turn the truck off and on again(which is stupid for parallel parking and so on) I plan on doing this bypass but I am not sure what it is doing for me. I would like the hook up a switch for the camera to come on, so hook a 12v source up to the reverse sensing wire with a switch. Any help would be amazing I am getting frustrated but this site seems full of good solutions!!