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  1. 940Bt speed cams how install

    how can i install speed warnins on my unit
  2. Looking for the 2014 Pioneer Europe maps

    yes please can you share it
  3. usb change boot logo

    i have a f940bt can i change the boot menu with an usb ? tnx and what is the max size of the screen?
  4. for me 2 i only need the EU version
  5. hello fooks i am kinda new to the forum but got a serious question i have the avic f700bt EU version now i was upgrading from firmware to firmware it was not working really well after a lot of research i was upgrading to 3.1 this one here but now it is starting up again(it wasn't before)it starts up keep saying system starting up so i removed like 10 times the"GPSPARA0.bin","GPSPARA1.bin","GPSPARA2.bin","GPSPARA3.bin".files is not working an is the install of the new 3.1 really working for a eu version because this is realy annoying tnx anyway really need the answer you can i mail or reply basvandewater@gmail.com