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  1. F700BT backup files

    Rebooting huh!? Try deleting the 4 GpsParaX.bin files from the root of myflashdeisk (safe, system re creates them)
  2. F700BT backup files

    I am sorry to hear you have encountered problems.Are you sure you have a USA unit?Did you follow my instructions entirely?
  3. F700BT backup files

    It's 2.0 and i was prettu clear about the instructions.I can't help you more,i'm sorr.
  4. F700BT backup files

    you're right dude...sorry about that...try the following and obey the steps above. http://www.2shared.com/qs/1/f700 http://www.2shared.com/qs/1/testmode
  5. F700BT backup files

    Sorry for the late answer,i've been busy doing other things and only today i noticed your request.please download the files from the links below.On the root of a blank card(at least 2 gb),copy the "Testmode" file and the "F700" file,enter windows CE of your unit,open total commander and erase the whole content of My Flash Disk folder(but keep the folder),copy the content of the F700 folder from your sd card into My Flash Disk.After the process is done(about 10 minutes so you should keep your engine running)just switch your car off,take the sd card out and then switch the car back on.There you go.You should have a brand new F700.If for some reason you can't do it,let me know and i'll try to answer your questions.Anyway,let me know how it worked for you. http://www.2shared.com/uploadComplete.jsp?sId=60DILhabp7cAXorb http://www.2shared.com/uploadComplete.jsp?sId=Y86zW2Irzlj7XLVr
  6. Hey guys, This is an awesome forum BUT the main problem is that everybody speaks out about things they can do with their units but not everyone is a pro or has experience in hacking their units.I would really appreciate if there would be somebody kind enough to take some time and do a step-by-step guide about the whole process of having a USA model F700BT work in Europe with Europe maps and maybe have solutions about the radio tuner.Thank you
  7. do you still need the f700 2.0(US version) backup files?'cause i got them....
  8. F900BT FULL EW BACKUP !!!

    Hey man,i have a f700 unit from the USA.I live in Europe and so i thought i might give it a try and just follow your instruction.It all went ok but at the firmware update,it says "incorrect software is on sd/usb".So what do you suggest i would do next!?Thanks
  9. F700BT backup files

    I've managed to get the USA F700 Backup files so if anybody interested,just let me know....
  10. F700BT backup files

    Hey guys,i own an f700bt that i bought in USA about a year ago.I live in Europe an thought i might get some use of a Europe map instead of the USA-Canada ones that came with the unit.I found AVIC411 on Google and i was trying to put together all the pieces of information that i found here on how to do the process.Of course,since none of you had a bright idea of opening a topic with a complete installation with all the steps that i would have to go through,i messed up thing in the unit.The info shown on this forum is only bits and pieces of a whole picture and so someone that has no idea on how to do it from top to bottom,has the option to guess certain steps.(which in my case,failed)So I am asking any of you.....DOES ANYBODY HAVE A COMPLETE INSTALLATION GUIDE FROM A TO Z WITH LINKS TO DOWNLOAD THE NECESSARY FILES!? AND DOES ANYONE HAVE A COMPLETE BACKUP OF THE AVIC F700BT(US VERSION)FILES!? Much appreciation to whoever will be capable of enriching this thread with info,the way i asked...and I'm sure most of the people on this forum are looking for this particular type of step-by-step information(even explaining technical words) Thank you