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  1. Ok thank you for your time!! You and providers have been very helpful!
  2. Do I have to disable the security on it? I just care to unlock the drive for the upgrade and that's it. I don't mind having to unlock it each time I go to do an upgrade. Thanks for your help! Thanks, I ran into your thread yesterday and I downloaded the torrent file. Does it have to be burned to a DVD or can i burn to a regular CD? I might just go this route.
  3. Hi all, I'm a new member here, glad i found this site! Anyway, I have a Z2 that i want to update to the Z3 software/firmware(?) and 2010 maps, I have all the programs required, I however came to a halt. I purchased an IDE-to-USB adapter, which later on I come to find out that you can't unlock HDD's through USB, so I returned it, and I ordered an adapter like the one in the tutorial. Now my question is: Can the update/unlock/procedure be done with Windows 7? The machine I'll be using is my Dell Dimension2400, which is slow, but always gets the job done. Thanks in advance!
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