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  1. I just installed a AVH-P4200DVD with a CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Wireless Adapter. Everything with the CD-BTB200 works except I can’t be heard by the person I am calling through the mic. No static, distortion - just nothing. Friends I call just can’t hear me, but I can here them. My phone is a T-Mobile MyTouch Android 2.2.1 and it pairs and registers just fine. Bluetooth music streaming works ftom the phone. I can dial out and receive calls (and hear this through my car speakers). I can hear the person on the other phone through my car speakers but they cannot hear me. I have tried resetting CD-BTB200 by pushing the reset button with a pen, plugging and unplugging the mic from the unit and making sure it is secure, erasing the CD-BTB200 from my phone and starting from scratch, connecting and re-registering to the AVH-P4200DVD. Everything works as described before except the mic. Anyone have this problem? Any thoughts or a work-around? Wondering if this is the CD-BTB200 unit, the mic or my phone.