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  1. Turning off Ipod/Iphone Charging

    Is it possible? I killed a 3Gs with all the excessive charging. Would like to not kill my new 4s. Can the charging feature be turned off?
  2. Speed Dial (Iphone and X930BT)?

    Is there a way to speed dial using my Iphone and X930BT? I would like to dial 4-5 numbers out of my contact list without having to scroll through the list everytime.
  3. AVIC can't find me

    So my AVIC decided today that I no longer live in AL. I now live in NY. Any suggestions on what I need to do. Was working fine the day before. Took out disc and reinserted thinking it would find me. No luck.
  4. Grouding Issue

    No replies? No one has any answers?
  5. Grouding Issue

    Ground Noise after Avic D3 Install Bought an AVIC-D3 off of another forum. It was prewired for his B5 A4. I have installed it into my C5 A6. Seem to have a grounding issue. I hear engine noise through the radio and have double checked the wiring as well as added a ground with no luck. Any suggestions? This installed in Symphony II Vehicle with Bose setup. Seems like the grounding issue has something to do with the RCA's. Any advise?
  6. Iphone, Ipod, Bluetooth Question

    If I am using my Iphone has a Ipod player and want to receive a phone call via bluetooth will the bluetooth receiver/adapter interrupt the player in order to take a phone call while connect to the ipod cable?