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  1. Thanks for the response. I have a toyota camry. But I Figured out the problem and everything is good! After much trouble shooting, calls to pioneer tech support, and working with the seller... Problem solved. The seller I'm dealing with has been awesome throughout my ordeal with this purchase. He sent me a factory reconditioned unit that he bench tested at my reqoest before sending it to me. After recieving the 2nd unit... turns out the brand new unit had a defective faceplate (I tested each unit with the 2 faceplates). So after talking to the seller, we/I agreed to swap the faceplate and will be sending the other unit back.
  2. Hi, I just purchased and installed a brand new unit. Has anyone had issues making calls with their iphone 4? I got the phone paired up no problem, phonebook sync'd and all other functions(radio, cd, and Ipod/iphone music playback) regarding the unit seem to be fine. I can make a call out just fine... but thats it. I hear no dialing... when the call is picked up/answered I can't hear anything through the speakers/deck, no sound is being transmitted. The person on the other end can hear me just fine though. I've tried hard booting the phone, volume settings, updating firmware... I dont know what else to try at this point... and I currently dont have another phone to try either. I'm hoping I didnt get a faulty unit since it was purchased off ebay and sold as final sales.