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  1. Incompatible USB/ Can't CONNECT - iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.3

    NO Help huh??
  2. NEX-8200 Originally, I would get an incompatible USB message but now when I plug in my iPhone, it will go silent (playing Pandora via Bluetooth) AVICSYNC doesn't do anything either. I can't get the phone to connect to the unit, no matter what. HU is 1.04 and brand new I have tried a new pioneer lighting to USB, using an extension, NO extension (plugged directly into the HU), different HDMI cables, different Apple dongles (HDMI/ lightning) Has ANYONE ran into this and figured this out?? Thanks
  3. AVIC-8200NEX Incompatible USB

    Mine is not recognizing the USB either - iPhone 7 Has anyone come up with a solution?
  4. HELP: Incompatible USB - 8200

    Mine doesn't even see the iPhone
  5. HELP: Incompatible USB - 8200

    NO. It doesn't work at all, plugged directly into the HU I ordered a replacement.
  6. HELP: Incompatible USB - 8200

    Yes No It just won't recognize the Pioneer USB cable - I have the cable you show but it's useless if it won't even recognize the Pioneer cable.
  7. HELP: Incompatible USB - 8200

    The Pioneer CD-IU52 usb cable is plugged directly into the back of the HU into USB 1 I read to try another USB cable but I eliminated that problem by going directly into the head unit. Has anyone had an issue with the Pioneer cable? I have done a reset on the unit as well as rebooting the phone. I have also tried 3 different Apple HDMI/ lightning plugs iPhone 7 - iOS 10.3.2
  8. 8200 & 8201 - updates

    Deleted - not sure on how to remove it
  9. 8201NEX Reviews??

  10. 8201NEX Reviews??

    I have been out of the scene for a while and I'm looking to upgrade my AVIC Z3 head unit. Can I get some reviews and comments on this unit before I spend a lot of coin? Are there any reputable places to purchase at a good price too? Thanks!
  11. How to avoid Reboot when starting vehicle

    I have no experience with Porsches. I would guess thatis is a data bus type system. You could just call you local car stereo shop and tell them what you are looking for and they may be able to help you. Good luck.
  12. How to avoid Reboot when starting vehicle

    You are right about it being annoying to go from Accessory to Starting the vehicle and the HU rebooting, that is what I was referring to. The mod is not vehcile specific. Every vehicle (except below) has a "True Ignition" circuit in the ignition harness which usually doesn't drop below 9 volts during the start cycle. If it drops to ZERO, keep looking. You should NOT need to do this to the yellow or hot wire for the HU. It should not drop out during start. If it did, all head units would lose thier station presets and clock memory. The whole reason for your radio (heater, A/C, lights, etc) to "drop out", is because it allows the starter to have as much power possible, to start your vehicle. You may have an issue if your car has a data bus or transponder type key, to start the vehicle. You just have to look else where in the vehicle for true ignition. Here's an example..... A 2011 Volvo SC90 uses a data type key to start the vehicle. There was no true ignition on the harness, most wires were around 3 volts. I found true ignition in the head light harness. I did this to my 2006 F250 and it works perfectly. You can be watching DVDs, have the navigation or any other function of the HU operating in the accessory position and start your vehicle without waiting on it to reboot and/ or having to click "OK" (again if you already have) on the nav screen, rebuilding your VR catalog, etc.I was annoyed by the "reboot" when I just got the head unit and was learning the features of the HU and was in the middle of something and then wanted to drive it around the block to check out the Nav. blah blah blah If you would like a good reference for your vehicle, go to www.the12volt.com and look up the alarm info for your vehicle. IGNITION wire is usually the same as True Ignition under thier reference. It is a good handy source and will point you in the right direction. You may have about $1.00 in parts to do this. Labor depends on your 12 volt ability... it could be free to costing you s shit load of money, because you screwed something up!
  13. I found it quite annoying that the system would reboot every time I needed to start my truck. All you need to do is add a fused 12 volt wire from your "True Ignition" circuit from you ignition harness WITH a diode, right into the red switched wire on the head unit. Have the band of the diode going towards the head unit - VELLA !! The diode blocks the 12 volts from feeding back into the Ignitoin circuit, when you have your key in the Accessory posistion. You should be able to find them at Radio Shack of maybe a car audio shop will give you one! True Igniton = 12 volts does not drop out during the start cycle.