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  1. So I have a avic-n2 head unit with a n3 brain. I need a east coast disc and was wondering what disc to get. Can I upgrade to the n5 discs or am I limited to the n3 software? Or can I run one of the other discs like the d3 or what ever? Thanks.... Mike G.
  2. Im a idiot.....3.0 upgrade!

    Ok so i down loaded both those megaupload files and apperently there is only supposed to be four files on my SD card but what files from part1 and part2 are supposed to go into those files???? Mike G.
  3. Im a idiot.....3.0 upgrade!

    This would be great if any of those links actualy worked. Mike G.
  4. Im a idiot.....3.0 upgrade!

    Thanks dude but i didn't buy the SD cards from pioneer. I was trying to do the update for free from one of the treads on here. Just can't figure out why i can't get it to work. Mike G.
  5. Im a idiot.....3.0 upgrade!

    So 56 people have looked at this tread and no answer???? Can some one please help me with this. I think the main problem im having is most of the links are invalid. Please help out a computer literate dude. Mike G.
  6. Im a idiot.....3.0 upgrade!

    OK so I'm the least computer literate person on the planet. I can get on the internet and that's about it. I have tried every link on here to upgrade my f900bt to the 3.0 software, and for some reason i cant get it to work. Maybe I'm just a idiot but can someone give me the lame idiot tutorial version if you can please. I've tried all of them even found a actually torrent (what ever that is) on here of the actual software from Pioneer (well supposedly it is) Ill tell you what i can install these things all day long (been installing for 12 years professionally) but the computer eludes me. Thanks in advance. Mike G.
  7. F900bt remote????

    How lame is that??? Any idea what the wired remote part number is????
  8. F900bt remote????

    I just got a brand new AVICF-900BT from work for a real cheap price. I've had AVIC-N3's in the past and loved them but the new car wont let me put a flip put in it so i got the F900BT. Now my question is what remote works with this radio. I have two different pioneer remotes and none of them work for this radio. Please tell me that pioneer didn't make a $1200 radio not remote capable????? Mike G.
  9. bluetooth phonebook?????

    Ya i think it does. Ill try that tonight, girlfriend has my car today cause i have to finish the stereo in her car today. Mike G.
  10. bluetooth phonebook?????

    Sorry i have a Motorola Roker E8 for a phone. Hope this helps.... Mike G.
  11. bluetooth phonebook?????

    Ok so i have a Avic-d3 and the bluetooth module with it. I can't get my phone to sink the phonebook off my phone. Its not my phone cause i tried my friends phone and it wont either. Any idea why this is????? I hate having to pick up my phone every time someone calls to see who it is. Mike G.
  12. VSS Wire location, 2007 Corvette?

    Here is the info that i have of our Maid system......DARK GREEN/WHITE (AC) AT ECM MODULE BEHIND PLATE INSIDE LEFT FRONT WHEEL WELL TOWARDS REAR OF VEHICLE........Hope this helps.
  13. Aux in / rear output?????

    Hey guys i have a basterdized AVICN1 with N3 brain and N3 software. I want to run my ipod video and a playstation2 into the AUX input and then run the rear output to another monitor mounted up front of my car. Will this be bypassed bye the motion sensor,havent had the time to do the bypass trick yet, if so is there some thing i can do to bypass this little hickup? Thanks in advance for the help.