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  1. gps wrong and ipod songs x920bt

    am i supposed to modify current location on the x920bt after buying it used or is the unit supposed to update itself if the gps is working?
  2. does microsd speed matter on x920bt

    if i bought a class 2 vs a class 6, would the x920bt be able to tell the difference ie read one faster than the other? is it a noticeable difference?
  3. i have this problem, most of the time i am using the PAC ipod cable not the pioneer cable.... only 5% of the time when i hook up my 78gb 13000songs does it load instantly is this the solution for me? or should i get the pioneer cable?
  4. i recently purchased a used avicx920bt. the map shows the location of the last owner which is about 30 miles away from me. I noticed the gps antenna doesn't have the metal sheet. Does that make a difference? Is there a part number or somewhere i can order? The gps wire is also not a constant flow of wire, there is near the antenna the wire is cut and held together by electric tape... i am safe to assume the factory did not do this? Is there somewhere i can buy the entire gps antenna, part number? Also the ipod takes forever to load(as in never does fully load), i have 13000 songs. Is this a common problem? How can i speed up the load?