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  1. mini cooper

    so I am trying to get a new car and have narrowed it down. One car I am looking at is the Mini Cooper. Wanted to know where I can find a list of AVIC systems that will fit in the mini? I love the big round Speedometer but isn't function for nav systems.... thanks
  2. HU intergration with back up sensors

    looking to add sensors to both the rear and front of my car. My wife has a Lexus ES350 that has the park assist that will show an indicator on the dash and make noise. Is there anything that is out there for this? Or am I going to have to instal an aftermarket POS that just has sound that most likely will not dim the radio when beeping this is for the z130bt
  3. z130bt video playback

    looking to get the z130bt and had a couple questions regarding the video playback capabilities... I know it has a dvd player so I know it will play dvd's but would it be able to play .avi or .mp4 files? I know you can do this via your iPod/iPhone but was wondering if that was available either through burning a dvd or through the sd card? any help would be much appreciated!