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  1. Making portable hard drive work with U310bt

    Think I found my answer, gonna try it out this weekend. Will report back. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/22733-how-to-install-a-25-external-usb-hard-drive/
  2. Making portable hard drive work with U310bt

    I have been using a thumb drive as well. What Im trying to do is use a portable hard drive. I have an extra Western Digital 150gb hard drive and would like to be able to just put all my music on it and throw it in my glove box. Connected to the USB cable of course. Maybe there is a way to format the hard drive like a thumb drive?
  3. Just wondering if anyone has gotten a portable USB hard drive to work with the USB cable on the U310bt. If its not possible, what is the biggest USB thumb drive it will support? THanks in advance.