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  1. And if your not familiar with Kodi look it up. No downloading or rereipping movies so they play on the deck... It a click an play experience now VERY VERY EASY!!!!
  2. No extra mods... You don't even need the upgrade. The firestick is doing all the work for you. Now when I say full app mirror understand I don't mean you can't control the app from the deck.... It will mirror what's on your phone but the control stays with the phone or the wireless mouse/keyboard you choose to use.
  3. So I don't see anyone else here has had the same idea. It struck me an seemed crazy no one has though of it! I've gotten my Z110bt (fully updated with 2017) To do full app mirroring with an Android or iphone! Not only that! But Netflix, prime video, Kodi media player full web browser... Pretty much everything your heart desires by installing a firestick. So I went out an grabbed a inexpensive power inverter and HDMI composite adapter and a firestick. Plugged everything up and it works amazing! The only complaint I really had at first was I'm still stuck with usin
  4. So now that we have cracked the update process and people are looking for the next step ie OS hacks can I throw out an idea? Is it possible to achieve the bypass with some sort of a software hack instead of the current method? Id love to have the full functionality of my rear view camera I use it often while towing my jetskis I would love to have the rear view mode back so I could monitor my skis while driving. Could the whole check process for the parking brake just be removed?
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