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  1. Would you mind sharing a link where I can get updated firmware for that AVIC-F7010BT ? My unit is from 2009, and I can't find anything for it on the pioneer site. Thanks if you can.
  2. I found a link online giving instructions for updating firmware on my AVIC-F7010BT receiver, but there is no such firmware on the pioneerelectronics.com site that I can find. I had replaced the screen on this unit years ago and I'd like to re-install it in my 2009 SCION XD (long story). But before I do I'd like to install any available updates for it. Sadly Pioneer is useless. I contacted them through a web form asking this question, and I got back a response from "productsupport@pioneerservice.com", asking me to call for assistance. But there is no phone number, certainly not on pioneerelectr
  3. Well anyway, didn't hear back from you, but if you think you might be interested, please continue the conversation with me in real email, peterpan@pixyland.org. That domain is my own, traceable directly to me, Randy Constan. I have to do some work on this computer, but I will be able to see email via my laptop.

  4. Well, it looks like I wouldn't get any paypal discount to where you are, because it works out about the same within a dollar. But anyway, looks like about $25 (USD). Before going any further though, I don't know if there would be any regional issues with the unit. Maps? Radio station frequencies? And I wouldn't know whether or how you'd get those things updated.

  5. um... forgive my being geographically challenged, but where in the world are you? Canada, correct?

  6. Sure... I assume UPS ground would be OK? Let my check. I KNOW I get a shipping discount though my paypal account, but I don't use it often and it will take me a little bit to figure it out. I need a zip code though.

  7. I'd hoped to get around $300 for it in an ebay sale, having spent a bit of time and money to repair it. But ebay is a pain, not to mention they've gotten ridiculous with their "final value fees". So I'll say $250, plus actual shipping. I've got the GPS, I-POD and all other cables. If you you might be interested, email me at peterpan@pixyland.org. These msg boxe...

  8. Are you still looking for an f series? I've an AVIC-F7010BT I recently repaired (fully bypassed too). Was thinking of putting it on ebay eventually. Just poking around the forums to see if anyone else was selling them and found your post.

  9. I had modified the wire harnesses to do the GPS bypass (mute wire and such) so the installer wouldn't have to worry about liability. (The install was free, so why not let them do the major work, right?). Anyway, it took a while to test everything but when I finally got around to the USB (The unit allows a choice of I-POD or a USB cable)I found that USB memory sticks don't work. I brought it back to the installer at my local Best-Buy, and I did note that after he wiggled the USB cable, a USB memory stick now at least lights up when plugged in. Still won't play music, but at least there's 5 volt
  10. Does anyone know Pioneers track record of listening to customer requests for upgrades? Do they ever release new firmware versions? Is there a process for requesting them?
  11. OH well that's interesting! Mine was installed just weeks ago, and I made an appointment to go back for the USB! I was thinking the installer just forgot to link up the adapter behind the dash, especially as the mem-sticks I'm using work in an older pioneer I have! So from what you're saying I might get there Monday only to find it is truly defective.
  12. With the FM station presets, the preset name will slowly cycle between the station frequency, followed by broken up pieces of th current song name or name of the show. That's not so bad in itself until you realize that when you look at one of the lists of presets (FM1, FM2, FM3), what you see is the last word that happened to be displayed last time it was selected. So, for example, you might see... P1 The P2 Someone P3 Fresh P5 87.7 P6 The bone. Am I the only one that thinks this is pretty dumb and useless? Its nice to see song and other information scrolled or cycled when the pres
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