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  1. I figured out where I messed up. While the unit will communicate certain functions as mentioned above, sound will not pull through to the car audio unless the patch cord is installed properly. The bluetooth adapter unit has two similar plugins, one input and the other output. The bluetooth adapter should have the plug in the "Output" side.
  2. Need help!! I just installed the Bluetooth adapter in my D3 but cannot hear any music or the person on the other end of a call though the car speakers. - the Avic recognizes the iPhone and appears to be paired correctly - the Avic can initiate an outbound call and answer a incoming caller - the person on the other end can hear me loud and clear but I can't hear them through the car speakers. The only way to conduct the call is if I switch to the iPhone and use the handset. - the Avic recognizes the BT Audio input from the iphone and changes the music selections on screen but NO SOUND! - the radio or phone are not muted and volume is set on maximum. Ive searched everywhere on the phone and the radio. I hope this is a simple setting that I've missed. I am using the following install CNDY-100MT/UC-2-A. Thank you in advance for the advice.