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  1. Based upon my experience with my older iPod classic and my new one - I think that the constant vibrations of being in a car does lead to hard disc issues. Of course my cars have very stiff suspensions. My hard drive on my old iPod finally gave up the ghost after having it in the car for several years. My new iPod classic in my current car which is hooked up to the Z130 randomly freezes and needs to be rebooted. It works flawlessly everywhere else. So I recently replaced it with an iTouch and so far no problems at all. I tend to agree having a hard drive in a car isn't that good of an idea.
  2. I've had this happen twice now and i'm not quite sure why. I leave my iPod in the car all the time - and only rarely take it out and use it by itself. This afternoon I started up the car - the Z130BT boots up and the iPod isn't on the selection menu. Open the glove box and it's connected but it is saying low battery - charging. So if it is playing - it is charging correct? Why would the iPod battery go dead if the unit is constantly charging? Part of the problem is that when it's connected to the Z130BT I don't think it shows the little battery icon on the top of the screen so if it's
  3. DUH That's what it's supposed to do - but in reality - it gives you no indication of HOW. It tells me simply to use my phone to transfer the contacts. The manual also gives no clue on how to do it. It's amazing how little the administrators help on this site.
  4. I was having this same problems - all VR commands except my phone would work. Kept saying it didn't understand etc. I tried the repairing, the turning cataloging on and off etc. and it didn't work. Finally I went into the phone menu and deleted all - all calls and contacts. Next time I turned the unit on - all my contacts downloaded and VR worked fine.
  5. They must not have connected my illumination wire or connected it wrong because my unit does not switch at night and the day/night icon does't work when I select it. I swear I should have just installed this damn thing myself.
  6. Also turn down the volume that you listen to their calls. I've noticed that the higher the speaker volume - the more echo.
  7. Thought that looked familiar. I finally got it to pair this am. Second try. HAVE no idea why it worked - I went through the same steps each time. Oh well it's ok now! Glad to have my Cayman back - I've owned it since the end of May and hardly driven it. As for the SW update - the unit has the most recent firmware - hence it wouldn't update. SD card slot works fine for the MP3's and pictures. I was looking at the wrong number. Feel pretty stupid right about now.
  8. Been there done that. Only thing I didn't change was the name or password. I also tried to do the update on the firmware - it doesn't recognize the SD card. I think I got a bad unit.
  9. Just had a new Z130BT installed to replace one that was damaged when someone tried to steal it from my car. I had no trouble pairing my and my wife's Droid Eris phone with the original unit. However - my new Droid Incredible 2 won't pair and connect and neither will my old eris or my wifes eris. The unit recognizes the phones - and lists them on the headunit - the phones list the Pioneer Navi but when I pair - I get a "can't communicate with Pioneer" message. WTF? I could see the new Incredible 2 not pairing because it's a relatively new phone - but the Eris's worked no problem before.
  10. Yup - 130. It was just installed so I doubt it's loose - everything else works fine - like the DVD player while in motion. Only item that is grayed is the Address button. Found that out yesterday when we went to use the nav. If I had favorites saved I could access those. I could also access the POI's while in motion. Stereo was installed two weeks ago and I've only driven the car a couple times since so I've not really checked anything. The shop that installed it was familiar with Pioneers and said they understood how to do the bypass - but then again - if the 130 is different - they mig
  11. Same here. I have no problem playing a video while moving and the connection status says PB is on. I can search POI's on the Nav - but I can't enter an address while moving. I had a shop install the system and said they understood the bypass but i'm wondering if they move the pin to the left instead of up. If they did that would it give it partial bypass functionality? I also recently did the update from Pioneer. Never checked the system prior to the update - but wondering if they changed something. Only thing I can't do while moving is enter the address.
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