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  1. Hello, I bought a second hand AVIC-X1 BT a year or so ago, since they are going really cheap nowadays... it's still a great unit even today i think. Many have asked in the past about being able to add POI's and Speed Cameras. Unfortunately neither of them were really possible, at least not without major limitations. This unit is obviously getting pretty old now, but i set myself a little challenege to try and get Speed Cameras and Custom POI's onto the system. Theres a fair bit of info on the net describing how the map dvd is organized, and after going through the POI files on the dvd with a hex editor for some hours, it all seems pretty straight forward. My aim is to create a program to: - Read POI files from the map DVD and display them as formatted records - Edit records within the POI files - Add records to the POI files - Load a POI file from another source (different formats supported) and convert/add the POI's to an AVIC POI file. - Add/select custom symbols to use for a new POI, such as for Speed Camera locations. I'f i succeed in covering all of these points, i might turn my hand to the map itself... being able to convert a newer map from another device onto the AVIC would be great. I'm going to use this forum to keep people updated with my progress. Thanks, James.