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  1. Still working on mirroring. No touch input yet. I have a mirroring concept working but it requires the parking brake bypass. Trying to get around that.
  2. Really? That's horribly incorrect. The head unit doesn't do any of the work. It's just an external display for the iPhone (literally, in code).
  3. They have to be compiled. I'll start posting packages you can install once it's in a semi usable state. Probably after mirroring is working.
  4. AppEx for iOS 7 is open source and hosted on github: https://github.com/mikedecaro/AppEx-iOS7 It's a complete rewrite so I'm adding a little bit at a time. Don't expect it to work just yet. Right now, it just allows the AppRadio app to run in the background. Next is the mirroring of the iPhone screen and then touch input. Stay tuned...
  5. It's just going to take some time to get everything working again. No ETA right now. The donation link has been temporarily removed from my website. I shared the code with a couple other developers and I want to make sure the donations go to the right person when the time comes.
  6. The link for the latest beta is http://mikedecaro.com/repo/AppRadioExtensions_2.1.0_Beta17.deb. You can change the file name to AppRadioExtensions_2.1.0_Beta16.deb, AppRadioExtensions_2.1.0_Beta15.deb, etc. to install older versions. Download the file on your computer, email it to yourself, and open on the phone using iFile.
  7. I wouldn't say run out of steam just yet. I still have a few ideas. Just sent you a DM about the code.
  8. When you press an app icon on the head unit, the AppRadio app is sent to the background while remaining in an active state (similar to Backgrounder) and the new app is launched. Since the AppRadio app thinks it is active, it still displays a window on the head unit and accepts touch input. The AppRadio app then begins to capture the iPhone's screen and displays it in the window on the head unit. The touch input is rerouted to app on the iPhone screen.
  9. DisplayOut converts the iPhone screen into a video and displays it on an external device. The AppRadio uses an iOS feature that lets apps have multiple windows, where the second window happens to be displayed on the head unit. The identical screens you see in the AppRadio app are actually two different windows with the same content (programmatically, not just a mirrored image).
  10. All of the older beta's are still hosted on my website. Just take the link from the first post and change the beta number. It's a bit more complicated than that (last I checked at least). DisplayOut works with the AppRadio by streaming the phone screen as a video to an external display. That's why you need the bypass for it to show on the head unit. When a video is displayed on the head unit, it takes control away from the running app and stops sending touch events to the device. AppEx was based completely inside of the AppRadio app while it was kept running in the background. The
  11. Just a quick status update: We made some progress with getting AppEx running on iOS 7, but many of the features aren't working. Apple made some huge changes to the backend of iOS 7 so it may take a while to figure out workarounds for all of the issues. I'll keep everyone posted as we go.
  12. Anyone with a 4S having issues with preferenceloader? I can't seem to get anything to show up in the settings app. Works fine on my 5S. Edit: Nevermind. There is something wrong with the AppEx code, causing preferenceloader to fail.
  13. Hey everyone, just a quick status update. I started looking into AppEx for iOS 7. I should be able to get all of the smaller features working but the mirrored apps may or may not take some time. Another developer contacted me about contributing to the project, so I'm working on getting him set up with the code. Hopefully this helps things move long at a better rate. I'll start posting versions for iOS7 as they become available.
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