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  1. Red Light Camera

    Hi I was wondering thru a hack or anything are we able to program in red light camera's for navigation? I know some units you buy now have them. There is a website in which I can download lots of the red light camera''s in the cities around me and I would like to program them into the nav system so If i am approaching them they warn me. Also with new nav systems they also have the speed limit built into the system to tell you if you are speed is there a hack/mod that allows for that with new map update thanks.
  2. Internal fuses?

    Avic 930 is there an internal fuse that would blow before the external one? my deck no longer will power up and the external fuse is good.
  3. Avic 930 wont power up

    I have unplugged all the cables to the deck and have re-installed them, I haven't tried replacing the fuse yet I will when I get time, I was wondering is there a hard reset on the deck at all? Like I said there is power getting to the deck as I replaced with the original and it powers on. I have a cd in the deck that I would like to get back also and its impossible without power... I have tried contacting pioneer via e-mail twice and nothing back I will have to give them a call see what warranty there is.
  4. Hello I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice, I have a avic 930 and I removed the security control or whatever it is called on the lower left corner of the deck one day and now when I place the part back in I get no power to the system, I have check all the fuse's three in the truck and the one on the back of the deck. I am getting power to the harness as I have plugged the original stereo back in to the truck to make sure power was getting there. I am not sure what I should try next any help appreciated, I;m thinking the deck has a three year warranty and I have had it for 2 so if nothing I guess i can return it.
  5. Traffic Tuner, 930bt

    Hi thanks for the replies guys I was looking for western Canada Winnipeg Calgary and Edmonton thanks
  6. Traffic Tuner, 930bt

    Hi I have been looking around on the site for some info regarding the traffic tuner the nd tmc10, I was wondering if anyone had some info on which Canadian cities this worked in. Any info will be greatly appreciated thanks.
  7. Not a big problem as it is in my brothers car I have a 930bt in my truck, the box states tho that it is made for the 3GS i'd be rather pissed had i bought this. My bro has a 4s so its good to go.
  8. did you ever get a fix for your black screen issue? I am currently experiencing the same issue with Iphone 3gs connected I can play my music via the ipod function but when I go to advanced apps nothing is there, if i turn up radio i see the volume in the corner, also if when in advanced mode go to youtube on phone i can see the video play. It seems to me that the dash doesn't see my phone plugged in with the app cause it shows the symbol to plug it is.
  9. Interface for Sirius on pioneer stereo is total junk. 1 line of display that you need to Scroll thru to see all info. There is no image art or anything very very bad. Had for a month switched to xm.
  10. GEX P920Xm

    Got it working blown fuse on battery cable
  11. GEX P920Xm

    Thanks for reply, just curious as to why this would make a difference if you able to explain that would be great.
  12. Hi guys wondering if anyone is able to help me out, I got a pioneer avic 930bt had sirius radio in it and it worked fine for me just disliked the interface so decided to get an xm tuner. I left all the wires from the CD Sb10 from my sirius and connected them to the P920xm but I get no option on my Avic 930bt to change to XM radio. Its like the tuner is dead or anything I thought about pushing the reset button on the tuner but didn't have time to test it again. Has anyone else had a problem with this or is my tuner dead and should ask for my money back? thanks
  13. Vandal, are you able to help me instal the images for a sirius. I am running on avic x 930 just wonder which instructions to follow is it the avic F or avic z sereies thanks.
  14. Hi guys new to the site. I have a avic x930 in my truck and my satellite radio (Sirius) has no images at all just the numbers. I have the condi hack/testmode on an sd and am able to load it etc. have back up of user file. I was wondering how I can get the images i'm just guessing that it will be a different root director to paste the images in other than where JasonH does in his youtube video. Any help is greatly appreciated.