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  1. Its brown located on the factory radio harness. This works for 04-06 with Bose, not sure if non bose is the same.
  2. 2005 Nissan Maxima Installation

    Install is pretty simple if your using a radio harness. I have a 06 Maxima. By the center of the winshield is a panel where in my car displays the passenger airbag on/off, that where I put the GPS antenna. The BT mic I put at the top of the windshield pillar. Which unit did you buy? I'm still looking for my VSS wire. Lol.
  3. Z2 Capabilities

    I did the 2 wire bypass which should allow you to use all the icons while driving but mine isnt doing that and says that its connected inproperly when I start it up, did I do it correctly? How do I updated the maps and firmware?
  4. Z2 Capabilities

    What's going on guys. I just registered but I've used this site many times and this is a great site. I just brought a Z2 off a friend of mine and wondering what can I do to make it better, such as updated maps, HD upgrade (if possible) and hacks/mods. I was also reading that these units tend to freeze up. I appreciate all your input, thanks.