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  1. The D1 I got never was upgraded and I think was either 2005 or 2006 maps and I just dl'ed both east and west 2008. I upgraded my east coast and it added a couple updates do I do the same for the west coast disc? Thanks
  2. Pioneer iPod Cables Purchased On eBay

    Sorry, I was just providing another option as most new people will ask and are cheap like myself.
  3. Got a free D1 but do I bring it back to life???

    Update #1 I finally got it to calibrate albeit in an odd way and its still not calibrated, but I got the a/v switch turned on so I can play my stuff through my iphone like video and audio which works PERFECT! So if I try to calibrate the way it was before which worked better but top left side was dead will I lose the a/v setting that is turned on?
  4. Pioneer iPod Cables Purchased On eBay

    Why dont people just get a cheap ipod cable, jailbreak your iphone, install pop-up blocker, install resupported 4, install display out. Under resupported you need to make sure you set it to composite and not component. If your not jailbroken or dont want to then you need Apple approved cables.
  5. So a teacher at the school I work at had a D1 but she said that the screen acted funny and sometimes pressed things when she wouldnt do anything, so her son took out the D1 and installed some other cheaper stereo but when he pulled the D1 the knuckle head ripped the Navigation cable from the gps antenna so now looks like I need a new antenna $12 on ebay and im currently downloading maps so I can save some money there. Bought a harness that I didnt need but I hate cutting my existing in case I sell my car Ill just swap fairly easy. Now on to the main dilemma, tried calibrating and it just didnt want to work had the dead area near the upper right and if it was anywhere else I wouldnt care because I need to hook up my iphone and cant enable the a/v. From reading I need a new touch screen which goes for $60 on ebay also from reading some people replace the ribbon for a shorter one and thought that maybe the ribbon may be my problem, ill explain. When I bought a used iphone 3gs about 2 years ago the owner said there was a dead row on the iphone and there was. Investegating my iphone and opening up I found the ribbon for the digitizer(touchscreen) and noticed it wasnt on correctly. So I read a tip about placing a piece of duct tape of the slot to keep it down and voila, a perfect working iphone 3gs for next to nothing. Now on to my theory. Is it possible that over time the ribbon to the touchscreen has come loose or just slipped slightly causing the touch to work improper or is it just the touchscreen, another issue I have is listening to the radio I change my presets with the knob and if I go up channel goes down and vise versa. Do I fix this D1 or just cut my losses now sell it and try to get a D2 for close to the same? Love it so far just wish I can get some features working. Great site by the way!