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  1. Navigation Routing still stinks....

    I've noticed this too. To be (but haven't validated this yet as car is in storage for the winter) is that when the phone is connected to the 8100NEX via Bluetooth I think the unit is downloading route info from somewhere. Try not connecting your phone to the unit (i.e. turn bluetooth off) and see if you have a better route experience. I think this is somehow related to AVICSYNC.
  2. Thanks. Thought I did something wrong. Same thing happens to me if I start the unit up on XM as well. I guess for whatever reason I also have a couple of other ways to reproduce the issue. I deleted all of the folders related to XM and restored from my back-up and the same thing still occurs. I know how to work around it - just a bit of a perfectionist and was hoping to get this to work like its supposed to.
  3. Question for the folks out there using this new update on a Z130. I've installed the updated logos and they work fine, but only if you power off and on again the unit using the soft on/off key (you can leave the car running, or not doesn't matter), or by changing sources and then coming back to XM. If I don't do this at least once each time I start up the car then no logos display (just a grey box), and on the preset list sometimes the channel name doesn't show up. It looks like the unit doesn't re-read the dat file all the time. Is this a common occurrence - or am I missing something simple? Thoughts? Thanks!