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  1. AVIC XD1377ZF - FORD OEM Hack Question

    I'll get some pics today. How do you normally copy files from the flash to an external device? or is there a way. I really don't care if its an SD card or not i am just looking for a way to get the files from the flash to something i can open them in a text editor. I see there is a dump button but that is a hex dump and not real useful to me.
  2. I have a 2009 Ford Fusion with the above model AVIC unit. I've been able to enter the DEVELOP menu and noticed there is a File Management Tool but was unable to get it to see my USB card stick to copy files to/from. I wondered if anyone has cracked one of these open and if there is an internal SD flash card? From the best i can tell looking at the file menu it appears there is a 'Flash' area that the config and other files reside on and i'm guessing it gets copied to running config at vehicle start. The reason I am looking for this is I am able to change certain settings in the DEVELOP menu but when i power the vehicle off they revert to default. If those config files are on the SD card i could potentially insert that card into a laptop sd reader and modify them (making a backup of the originals of course)