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  1. i have been looking for a new ribbon cable for my n2. i noticed that the original CNP7621 has been discontinued as well as the GXX1257, GXX1257A, and CNP9517. i was just wondering if anyone knows if the CNP9540 from the N3 would work on the N2 or not. honestly, im just looking for a new ribbon cable that i can buy from bestbuy. the CNP9540 is the only one they have. any ribbons for the N3 are all no longer available. thanks for any help
  2. avic n2 problems

    I recently purchased a used n2 from a friend. It worked fine in his car but when I hooked it up in my car, the unit lights up and the screen comes out, but the screen stays black. And none of the buttons on the unit work except the eject button on the face plate. No other buttons on the face work and no buttons on the screen work. The only way to get the screen to retract is by turning the car off. Is there. Security o. This unit or am I just missing sumthing. Thanks for any help