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  1. Display Custom Background Image

    I have the AVIC Z130BT. I uploaded a picture of my family for the splash screen. Is it possible to have this image displayed instead of the navigation? I know I can hit a button to blank the screen, but I would just like to have pictures up there some time when I am just listening to music. To be able to play a slide show would really be nice. Thanks for any help
  2. Z130 Map Update?

    Thanks Vblue is it possible to back up what i have so I can revert back if I don't like the update? Some of the updates I saw put a Tom Tom map on the unit. Is it possible to putagarmin on it?
  3. Z130 Map Update?

    I just picked up a Z130. I use an iPhone4 and want all the features for the two devices to communicate with each other...A2DP, Pandora etc etc. I was looking at map updates on ebay and it looks like I have to upgrade the OS so I will end up with a Avic z140BH. If I go this route, will i loose any connectivity with my iphone? What are the advantages of this update? Also, if I try to do the hack/mod of my z130, is it possible to use a garmin map set? Thanks for any advice
  4. Hi; I just installed a Avic D3 in my buick. I also added the XM module. The clock is very small and hard for me to read while driving. I would also like 12 presets instead of 6. Is it possible to put a custom skin / background on the D3 with a larger clock? It would also be cool to add more functions to the presets like FM preset stations with XM presets on the same screen. Any links would be welcome if any of this is possible. If the D3 can not be skinned, do any of the other pioneers have this ability?
  5. I just bought a used D3 last week and installed it. My Navigation Voice sounds like it is coming from a little tiny speaker inside the deck and not through the vehicle speakers. (Kind of like the little speaker in old desktops!) Is this right? is there any way to have it come through the vehicle speakers?
  6. Hi, I bought a used D3 off of ebay and some of the wires are missing. Called Pioneer Tech Support. Got what I was looking for from them, and thought I would post it here incase anyone else ever needs it. Pioneer does their pin-outs from top left to bottom left working towards the right. As a result, all Odd Number Pins are on the top, and even number pins are on the bottom. I will stick with their System. Pins are as follows: 1. Gray (RF+ Speaker) 2. Purple (RR+ Speaker) 3. Gray w/Blk (RF- Speaker) 4. Purple w/Blk (RR-Speaker) 5. White (LF+ Speaker 6. Green (LR+ Speaker) 7. White w/Blk (LF- Speaker) 8. Green w/Blk (LR- Speaker) 9. Lime Green (Parking Brake) 10 Pink (Speed Sensor) 11. Violet w/Wht (Reverse Positive Input) 12. Orange w/Wht (Illumination) 13. Auto Antenna Output 14. Red (Accessory) 15. Black (Ground) 16. Yellow (Battery Positive)