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  1. @gritz: Thank you, but I seriously doubt, that the software for your headset will do any good with my radio. It would be nice to know if anyone at all has had succes in pairing a 900BT with an iPhone 5?
  2. @petervandamned: My iPhone is also a 5 (not s or c) and I have (a part from older maps) downloaded the newest firmware from Pioneers website (EU versions since I live in Denmark) but still no luck - and no reply from Pioneer yet. Did you get firmware from AVIC411's website? If you have a link, please let me know. A longer discussion on Apples forums would have me know that it might be a faulty implementation from Pioneers side, with regards to backwards compatibility of some standards, but they fling mud both ways, so I'm a bit lost. @Elec91: Tres bien, but that helps in absolutely no way, as I will never get a BlackBerry...
  3. Just an update: No reply from Pioneer on my questions and though I've tried many times, it is still impossible to succesfully pair the iPhone 5 and the AVIC-F900BT. I'm not sure my next radio will be a Pioneer, if nothing happens...
  4. Thanks Lydus. But I've tried perhaps 20 times and I have deleted the unsuccesfull pairing everytime, with no luck. I have also written to Pioneer Support, so far without getting an answer. I will keep on trying regularly, whenever I enter my car, but have reverted back to using my good ol' Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset, which still works (including Siri commands)!
  5. Perhaps a better question could be: Has anyone succesfully paired an iPhone 5/5s with an AVIC-F900BT/F700BT?
  6. I recently got an iPhone 5 (not 5s) and switching from my old iPhone 4 should have been a breeze. However, when I try to pair the phone and my F900BT, it "hangs" while trying to connect. If I try to connect from the Phone, I am asked to provide a PIN. have tried several times. when I choose "111" as the radio suggests, it takes the proess a bit longer to fail, than if I choose a different PIN (e.g. "1234"). However with no success, no matter what If I try to search from the radio, my iPhone shows up, and the radio begins pairing, asking me to tyoe in "1111" when prompted on the iPhone.. My iPhone prompts me for a PIN (so I know that Bluetooth is working), but after a while, the radio gives up and fails. I have tried upgrading the newest firmware to my F900BT and my bluetooth firmware is HW100-SW290 (which I believe is the newest version for European radios? (I found an update to version HW100-SW330, but that only applies to Blackberrys?) My iPhoneis running the newest iOS 7.1.1 (I know that my new iPhone has Bluetooth 4.0, but that should be backwards compatible.) Has anyone had is problem and do you know of any solution? Best regards, Christian