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  1. @gritz: Thank you, but I seriously doubt, that the software for your headset will do any good with my radio. It would be nice to know if anyone at all has had succes in pairing a 900BT with an iPhone 5?
  2. @petervandamned: My iPhone is also a 5 (not s or c) and I have (a part from older maps) downloaded the newest firmware from Pioneers website (EU versions since I live in Denmark) but still no luck - and no reply from Pioneer yet. Did you get firmware from AVIC411's website? If you have a link, please let me know. A longer discussion on Apples forums would have me know that it might be a faulty implementation from Pioneers side, with regards to backwards compatibility of some standards, but they fling mud both ways, so I'm a bit lost. @Elec91: Tres bien, but that helps in absolutely no way, as
  3. Just an update: No reply from Pioneer on my questions and though I've tried many times, it is still impossible to succesfully pair the iPhone 5 and the AVIC-F900BT. I'm not sure my next radio will be a Pioneer, if nothing happens...
  4. Thanks Lydus. But I've tried perhaps 20 times and I have deleted the unsuccesfull pairing everytime, with no luck. I have also written to Pioneer Support, so far without getting an answer. I will keep on trying regularly, whenever I enter my car, but have reverted back to using my good ol' Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset, which still works (including Siri commands)!
  5. Perhaps a better question could be: Has anyone succesfully paired an iPhone 5/5s with an AVIC-F900BT/F700BT?
  6. I recently got an iPhone 5 (not 5s) and switching from my old iPhone 4 should have been a breeze. However, when I try to pair the phone and my F900BT, it "hangs" while trying to connect. If I try to connect from the Phone, I am asked to provide a PIN. have tried several times. when I choose "111" as the radio suggests, it takes the proess a bit longer to fail, than if I choose a different PIN (e.g. "1234"). However with no success, no matter what If I try to search from the radio, my iPhone shows up, and the radio begins pairing, asking me to tyoe in "1111" when prompted on the iPhone
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