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  1. Z150 iPhone 5 Firmware Update Released.

    Umm Is it me or the file is gone? tried the link above I didn't see any file for download... nvm I found it on x950
  2. z150 bypass

    For some reason not all cars ground their black wire directly... they go by ignition too... learned it the hard way Maybe that causes the nag screen(?) but definitely you can test it out with a tester...
  3. z150 bypass

    Not sure if people has more issues with the nagging screen showing up (emergency brake wired incorrectly) mine showed 1 time only. While I was adding a relay/capacitor to my HU to avoid restarting my HU when I start my car, I took a picture what i did with the wire, I grounded this wire and the parking brake together, make sure you ground it on a bare metal of the car... Hope this help... http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l612/ntm1028/7_zps5463807a.jpg http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l612/ntm1028/4-1_zps608904b9.jpg relay/cap switch http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l612/ntm1028/6-1_zps9b9ba0af.jpg http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l612/ntm1028/5_zpsacef2840.jpg
  4. z150 bypass

  5. z150 bypass

    I didn't try not grounding the brake lead, i grounded both brake and the green wire on the pic ... btw it posted the emergency brake warning 1 time on me...
  6. z150 bypass

    FYI bypass works for Z150BH...
  7. avic150bh available

    BTW did you video bypass? is it the same as the older model AVIC Z series?
  8. avic150bh available

    Thanks alot for the info...
  9. avic150bh available

    Are you able to see video from iPhone 5? Thanks
  10. avic150bh available

    Saw it on Ebay avic z150 is available for 999.00. anyone got it yet?
  11. password

    Umm 40 views no one replied, guess nobody has the issue setting up security password or no has z140 yet. ill try to pioneer support. Thank alot
  12. password

    Hi, has anyone having problem setting up passwoed on their z140? I followed the manual, it says press the three column above whie in setting mode, its not workin. I had no problem with my older z130. Any advice would be great... thanks