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  1. I know exhausted but please help out!

    Well I installed the radio this morning with the xm tuner. The bypass was a success first time around. Always great to have these types of resources out there for everyone to learn.
  2. Pink speed wire

    I do not have this built in to my factory harness. Any idea where I could find out where this wire is? Again, is this necessary to hook up?
  3. Pink speed wire

    That is the wire I am talking about. From what I am gathering it just makes the gos speed more accurate. I am just curious if I can just leave it be and not hook it up.
  4. Can I run the ground and power wire for the xm receiver into the x930bt harness?
  5. Can I splice the ground and yellow wire into the headunits harness?
  6. Pink speed wire

    I have just received a x930bt. I am doing the install this weekend. Do I need to run the punk wire from the harness anywhere?
  7. So I have my x930bt sitting at home delivered today and before my install I want to make sure I am 100% sure on what I am doing for the bypass and what the bypass accomplishes. DVD video while driving and more important all Navi functions whiles driving as well. Is this what it does? My interpretation of the steps: 1. Move yellow wire up/down which will end up next to red wire 2. Splice yellow, green & black to to ground 3. Take black wire from car kit harness and connect to the already spliced and crimped yellow, green & black wires. (This is just part of the process of lining up the harness with the headunit adapter) Please confirm I am correct on this. Thanks