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  1. AVH-3200BT Iphone 4 video

    Also, I have the Pioneer CD-IU50V cord plugged into the front, can I stream my iphone 4 screen to my screen so I can do my apps and stuff on my screen or do I need a component audio video cable to plug into the back of the unit?
  2. I have the AVH-3200BT installed in my 03 350z. I have been using the usb and audio jack in the front of the player to play my music/videos off of my iphone 4 while I am driving. My question is, could I use a cable to connect my iphone 4 to the video/audio ports on the back of the unit and stream my iphone 4 screen to the dvd screen? Like could I use that and then use my gps on my iphone and see it on the AVH-3200bt, since it is hooked up through video on the back of the player?