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  1. Installation in North New Jersey

    My insataller is in rockland - he's the best and he travels to you if need be. let me know. i'm at weissbry@gmail.com
  2. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Great job on the knob. Got the black one and am loving it. TY
  3. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    I'm assuming from pic above the black one is closest to stock...Correct?
  4. Bigger knob for the X930BT is coming!!!

    bump - happy new year
  5. Bigger knob for the X930BT is coming!!!

    Can I preorder - want this thing ASAP as my installer is coming to do some other work - WHERE DO I SEND MY MONEY. lol
  6. xm scrolling using trck buttons

    Got a standard response back from pioneeer saying that I can scroll through xm presets using "right" side of screen. I then pushed issue and told me to call customer service which I did. Guy said that b/c I am using a tuner that feature isnt available. I asked if that was something they were going to change and he said it's been like that from the beginning so he doesnt think they wil change it now or in the future. Bummer.
  7. AVIC 930. so you cant scroll through presets using trck buttons in XM1,2 or 3??? You can do it for both AM and FM1,2, and 3... Am I missing something? I know you can scroll through presets on the "right" side of the screen but why would you be able to use physical buttons from AM FM and not XM? Thanks