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  1. If someone has access to the uCom 8.01 files/folders: SAL115 SYS115 EU115SYS.ver EU115SAL.ver If you please provide access to them it would be much appreciated, I've sort of bricked my AVIC-F930BT :/
  2. Having a few issues with the below instructions, will remove the "Strike Through" once I got the process 100%. No guarantees for anyone who chooses to proceed as yet. It is possible to install the firmware for the Australian F940BT available here onto the F930BT There are a few steps involved in getting this to work: Download Condi's Hack v1.4 here Run as per instructions here to perform backup Goto "File Maintenance>USER" select all and Delete Download Condi's AutoInstall Hack v2.1 here and run System will start and display some message about something not found (Can't remember
  3. If I purchase the AVIC-F930BT from the UK is it possible somehow to load Australian maps onto it? I've read several of the forums on this site and have made an assumption that it would be possible but I would really like someone to confirm that this is possible before I go ahead and purchase one. I've read this particular forum about people changing maps to countries other then the original maps, if someone could give me a step-by-step or point me in the direction of one it would be greatly appreciated. I do realize that this question may have been asked already and if so I do apol
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