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  1. Hey everyone, I bought the D3 off a friend and It's still running the gps cd from when I first got it and it's horrible so i've been using my phone as a gps instead. I also tried to hook the bluetooth up to my car but I can't hear any calls or a ringtone... I have the ipod cable but it won't charge the new iphones or new generation ipods so I've been using the old 2gig ipod from like 5 years ago. lol... I paid a good chunk of money for this system and I had it installed by best buys. Everything works okay and I can even watch movies but I don't know anything about this system. I see a bunch of potential for this system but I don't know how to access it.. If anyone can supply me with links to other threads on upgrading the firmware so I can atleast sync my Htc thunderbolt to the bluetooth or even buying new gps cds.. Thanks community. -Danny