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  1. Avic d3 hack without Rca Cable possible?

    Just finished putting just one d sub connector on the head unit where the black and yellow wire is supposed to be switched out. I superglued it into the corner and topped it off with black tape then more superglue. Spliced off the light green brake wire along with the mute wire into the ground. And it worked!!!! I was about to drop 30 on a rca adaptor, now glad I didn't. I should of taken pictures but was too eager to get it back together.
  2. I don't have the rca cord that has the black and yellow mute wire. Is it possible to do the hack without this wire? Thats the only thing I'd need the adapter for right when doing the hack? I guess I could buy one but seems stupid if I'm only going to use it for the hack. Can I just connect the pin or solder a wire to the mute pin and then ground it? Thanks