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  1. Should the iPod. Classic work with the app radio? If yes, is there any secret to getting it to work ? Mine doesn't. Second my clock keeps resetting to the previous days time, I manually change it and it still keeps resetting while I'm driving and when I shut the car off and turn it on. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Hi, New to the forum and to app radio. I just installed it today in my 2006 mazda3. Looks great, with the bose system in the car it sounds great. I just have a few questions: 1. Does my iPhone have to be on at all times? When using the navigation (motion X) my iPhone and the app radio screen are both on, when i put the iPhone to sleep the navigation on the app radio goes off same thing with Pandora. With having my iPhone on at all times its gets really hot and im afraid it will burn out the battery. This is by biggest concern that i need to have both screens on at once. 2. When im using Pandora app I cant go back to the home screen and select navigation, or I cant select a new station from the app radio or even the iPhone. Other than that so far it seems pretty good. I am using the iPhone 4s i dont think that should make a difference. Thanks in advance for any help Matt