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  1. Problems with backup Camera

    I have an 07 F150 and the cam i have is a nicer one that only has the positive, negative, and the video. But anyways no it is connected to the violet/white wire that is labeled, reverse gear signal an there it also carries a 12v signal on it by its self. Should i try the blue white to see if it is mixed up? i don't get why the reverse gear wire is providing a 12v signal when it shouldn't.
  2. Problems with backup Camera

    i am positive. It is the purple/white stripe wire right? If this is supplying a 12V and shouldn't, maybe i should call pioneer
  3. Problems with backup Camera

    Actually i have already tried that too and still nothing. I don't understand why the HU provides a 12V on that wire. But i have done exactly what you said and still nothing
  4. Problems with backup Camera

    so you want me to try to ground the the reverse gear wire on the end (away from the HU) and then on the other side of the resister (HU side) try supplying the reverse signal from my truck and try that? i will try that today.
  5. Problems with backup Camera

    Like the wire coming from the unit labeled reverse gear. okay, i disconnected my truck wire to the unit wire, so now it is just the plain wire coming form the HU only, and not connected to anything. But on the side of the resister closest to the HU, when i get the meter, it reads a constant 12V. Its like every time the head unit is on, it sends a 12V signal to the reverse gear wire. Is something messed up inside?
  6. Problems with backup Camera

    Okay so i tried that to, and still nothing. I checked the wire with a meter and the wire coming from the unit labels the reverse gear is constantly reading 12V. But still i have tried everything multiple ways and still have tried adjusting the settings both ways each time for testing and still nothing.
  7. Problems with backup Camera

    so are you saying to act like I'm ignoring the resistor, and just connect the wire to the side of the resister that is connected to the unit?, so it appears as if the 12v reverse wire is connected directly do the unit without going through the resister? i just don't want to burn anything up
  8. Problems with backup Camera

    The wire does have a resistor in it. What would this mean? and yes i tried the reverse wire to ground and changed the settings and nothing, but the unit does have a resister in this line.
  9. Problems with backup Camera

    I have done this, i have gotten my meter and checked one random wire that has a 12 volt charge and i have touched it to the reverse gear wire on the unit and it does absolutely nothing. while doing this, i have held the meter on that reverse gear input wire to verify that it received a signal change and it did. And all my other hook ups are correct. So this is just sooo confusing to me. I don't see why it won't switch for me if it is provided a 12V and i have all the settings correct in the unit (and have tried other ways too)
  10. Okay so i am Brand new to this forum, and it has been incredibly helpful so far. But finally i am stumped. I got my reverse camera in the other day and installed it exactly how i am suppose to. Oh by the way, i have an AVIC-Z130BT The hot wire is run to a constant 12V The ground wire is Grounded properly The video cable is run to the rearview camera plug (the brown one) And then there is a wire that turns to a hot 12V when the truck is in reverse, well this wire is run to the back of the unit to the reverse gear signal input. Butttt it won't work? I have checked EVERYTHING with a meter and it reads perfect, and the unit settings are correct too. The camera is turned on and i have tried both ground and battery settings. I don't get why it won't work. now i can plug the camera video cable into the camera input and select it from the scroll menu and it works fine, but i want it to work where i can shift in reverse and it come on automatically. Please tell me what is wrong and how i can fix it. Thank you so much. Tyler