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  1. Update: I found the problem: Sirius/XM had filed to bill when the NavTraffic expired on November 26. The regular radio subscription expires December 26. They did not send a bill, and did not send an E-mail. I called them twice recently, and neither time did they mention that the NavTraffic had expired! I reneewed both today (expensive) and it works. Given the high cost, and the fact that cell phones and pads can now display traffic and provide navigation, plus the many other music sources, I wonder how much longer before they go broke? I installied an AVIC Z1 system in my 2006 Explorer just after buying it. Several weeks ago, the colored traffic data went away, and the word "updating" is displayed. I've called Sirius/XM several times, and disconnected and reconnected power and used their web site to request a reset signal several times. It still does not work! Note that everything else works - the XM music and talk stations, AM radio, navigation. Any suggestions?