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  1. One last bump before I start erasing and rewriting things via the Service Menu...help?!?
  2. Anyone? Please don't make me guess and brick my D3!
  3. I was fortunate to have a D3 already installed in a used car that I purchased from a private seller. Recently my battery died (completely) and now my D3 is locked and asking for my pet's name. The password that the previous owner provided along with the vehicle does not work. I found a thread detailing the procedure for entering the Service Menu, and have successfully done so. However, I am unsure which menu option will clear this security information from the unit's memory. I don't have any info stored in the unit that I care about and I have a bunch of nav discs that I can reload from: Version 1.0 (2007) from Pioneer, and the 90MT + 100MT updates from eBay. However, I'm afraid that if I select the wrong erase option, it may no longer boot to the point of loading the nav discs. I'm thinking I need to execute one of these options from the Service Menu - can anyone point me in the right direction? Format FLASH drive Erase APL-file in FLASH Clear backup memory File maintenance (which opens a new menu with many sub-options) Program forced write