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  1. I'm happy with my setup at the moment because it works really well when getting in and out of the car multiple times. The audio is stopped when turning off the car and started up again when starting up the car. The best part is that because it's hard wired via the ipod adapter cable there is no lag time associated with bluetooth reconnection. The trick I have to use however is to set the receiver in video mode and then select which media to play on the phone itself. After that the play and pause buttons on the receiver do control the playback on the iphone4. This is the only way the play and pause commands work properly with third party apps (eg. downcast / other podcasting apps). However, if I were to ever upgrade my receiver I'm afraid I won't be able to get this setup to work again. I doubt I'll be able to use screen mirroring because the iphone4 is too old for that (old style ipod connector) and most usb connections control only the built in music player of the iphone4, not third party apps. Does anybody have experience with using the newer pioneer av units with and iphone4 as a media player ? -tavis
  2. The CD-R55 only controls volume and forward backward on the ipod. What I really need is to pause / play the ipod with the remote. Are there even any IR codes available for these function?
  3. any resolution on the remote not working ?
  4. I'm trying to get my ipod touch to charge and there are a few different options to choose from. The scoshe and the radtech claim to not need power injected but cablejive recommends usb power injection for pioneer. Has anyone used the the non-injected converters with success ? Thanks -tavis
  5. So after going through the ebay crap i200 cable problem, I got my ipod touch in the glove box with the genuine i200 cable and the sound is great. I went into the house to try and do a wireless ipod sync and the sync button was greyed out. It turns out that if you turn the car off while the D3 is still in Ipod control mode you can do wireless syncing because the ipod still thinks it is in accessory mode (even if the car is off). The solution to this is to switch the D3 to ipod video mode before turning off the car. This will allow the ipod to wirelessly sync.
  6. Did you try turning blue-tooth off on your phone ? It sounds like the phone might be getting confused about whether to send the audio through the BT connection or the analog (wired) connection.